Prescription Drug Program

Save on Prescription Drug Costs with MEDVAL Rx

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The MEDVAL Rx Savings Program has proven to be an effective, efficient solution post-settlement to stretch settlement funds to meet ongoing prescription medication needs.

The MEDVAL Rx program provides participants with the ability to purchase prescriptions at significant discounts, ranging from 10-55% off Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP). These discounts generate significant savings on prescription drugs for post-settlement claimants. MEDVAL Rx can be used for both professionally administered and self-administered Medicare Set-Asides.

Participants can utilize a national network of local pharmacies or sign up to receive medications via mail order. For convenience, you may utilize the Pharmacy Network Locator found below.

Ready to enroll? Contact our customer service team at 888-365-6242, email us at [email protected] or complete the form below.