MSA Self Administration

Assistance Managing MSA Accounts

MEDVAL provides the injured party with the most up-to-date CMS issued guidance on the proper administration of an MSA account. This program provides injured parties with the assistance needed to manage their MSA account, while also allowing them to retain the MSA funds in an individual interest-bearing account. As a result, the injured party has peace of mind that they can pay for necessary, injury-related treatment from their MSA account.

Maximize MSA Funds

Through MEDVAL’s discount networks, injured parties can recognize savings on prescriptions, medical treatment, and durable medical equipment. These savings allow injured parties to maximize their MSA funds, while still allowing them control of their MSA funds, managed in a separate interest-bearing account.

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Freedom and Guidance

Self-administration allows injured parties to retain MSA funds in an individual account, while also offering the freedom to seek treatment by the doctor or provider of their choice. Our solutions help members manage medical expenses, while also providing access to discount programs that extend and preserve MSA funds.

Our programs offer:

  • Support – offers assistance with MSA Administration
  • Savings – provides discounts on prescriptions, medical treatment, and medical equipment
  • Choice – allows an injured party to use the doctor or provider of his/her choice for treatment

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