Post Settlement Administration

Assistance & Advocacy When You Need It

The intricacies of dealing with Medicare and managing a Medicare Set-Aside arrangement can be confusing,time consuming, frustrating, and exhausting. The responsibilities imposed by CMS on claimants can even prevent some from agreeing to resolve their claims.

We can help.

MEDVAL offers full service and highly attentive administration of MSA accounts, providing even the most sophisticated claimant/plaintiff with confidence that his or her claim is being handled expeditiously and appropriately.


MSA Professional Administration

Our Professional Administration Solutions are designed to ensure fully Medicare complaint MSA administration and provide personal attention to the future medical needs of the injured party while preserving and extending the life of MSA funds.

MSA Self Administration

We provide injured parties with the assistance needed to manage their MSA account, while also allowing them to retain MSA funds in an individual bank account. So injured parties have peace of mind that they can pay for necessary, injury-related treatment from their MSA account.

Non-MSA Custodial Administration

There may be a variety of reasons you are unable to settle the future medical component of your claim. MEDVAL works with you to bring about the resolution you are seeking, while simultaneously assisting the claimant by wholly managing and maintaining the allocation of funds after the settlement.

Prescription Drug Program

Our prescription drug program provides participants with the ability to purchase prescriptions at significant discounts, ranging from 10-55% off Average Wholesale Pricing (AWP). It is available for both professionally administered and self-administered Medicare Set-Asides.

“You all are so patient and have helped me tremendously.”

Custodial Beneficiary

Miami, FL