Medicare Set-Aside Programs

Optimize Settlements and Resolve Cases with Confidence

Tailoring Programs to Suit Your Needs

We offer custom-tailored MSA programs, which are created in collaboration with each client to match a client’s compliance objectives. Each MSA program is built on the foundation of reasonable consideration of Medicare’s interest in a claim, and adequate allocation of future medical expenses and treatment needs. We offer a variety of MSA program types, each fully compliant with the Medicare Secondary Payer Statute.

Setting a Higher Standard

Since 2003, MEDVAL has been setting a higher standard in the way Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSA) are prepared and integrated into workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements. Through long experience, we have learned that every case benefits from individual attention by professionals trained in medicine, claims management and the law. Our average employee has more than 15 years of experience in his or her respective discipline. There is simply no substitute for relevant experience and personal commitment to your success.

Providing Analysis & Advocacy

For clients who wish to utilize the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) voluntary review program, we start with a thorough analysis of your case – making sure it is compliant with all current CMS protocols – then advocate for its approval. When disputes arise, we support our submitted materials with the full weight of the medical record, case facts, and jurisdictional nuances pertaining to the case. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by developing reasonable and defensible MSA allocations and backing our position with solid medical and legal evidence.

Since 2008, we have pioneered several options for clients who wish to bypass CMS’ voluntary review program. Some clients prefer to carve out certain case types that frequently result in overfunded settlements, and others prefer to adopt a full non-submit program. With each of these approaches there are several key considerations that we address collaboratively with the client. All of our programs are statutorily compliant and are coupled with robust settlement addendum programs. There is a right way and a wrong way to approach non-submit programs and MEDVAL’s clients enjoy the peace of mind and settlement cost-avoidance that come with our 13 years of experience in this area.

Comprehensive Offerings

MEDVAL handles all aspects of the MSA process in-house. This results in better outcomes for our clients, and eliminates the frustrating and inconsistent practices experienced with other companies. We pioneered the one-stop concept and it remains our core business strategy today.

“Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and the most helpful MSA vendor… without a doubt.”

MSA Coordinator

Baltimore, MD