Discover an Evidence-Based Approach with Post Settlement Administration

An alternative to traditional MSAs, our certified ArmorMSA is built using the same principles as our non-submit MSA product and is guided by evidence-based medicine and aligned with physicians’ recommendations. MEDVAL’s ArmorMSA follows applicable workers’ compensation laws and forecasts future treatment needs based on what would have reasonably been undertaken by the workers’ compensation plan, if the claim had not been resolved.  

What sets ArmorMSA apart is our ArmorMSA Services Agreement, which engages MEDVAL to provide post settlement administration services, including support related to certain claim notices that may be issued by CMS after settlement.

Our evidence-based ArmorMSA with post-settlement services, as established in our ArmorMSA Services Agreement, results in our certification that the ArmorMSA reasonably considers Medicare’s interest in accordance with Medicare Secondary Payer laws.

In addition, our ArmorMSA method allows for a more streamlined, efficient process and offers savings, speed, and security – helping you resolve claims faster while reducing costs and increasing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Medicare’s interests have been properly considered.


On average, an ArmorMSA will result in 20 – 40% savings when compared to an MSA utilizing WCMSA review methodology.


Can be ready for inclusion in settlement negotiations within 10 business days, resulting in an average time savings of 20 business days.*



We stand behind every ArmorMSA, which is certified to reasonably consider Medicare’s interests in accordance with the MSP statute.

Post Settlement Administration – an Extra Layer of Protection

An ArmorMSA must be administered through MEDVAL, by way of one of MEDVAL’s post settlement administration programs:

These programs provide an extra layer of protection for the MSA account and assist claimants with managing, and ultimately preserving, their MSA funds year after year.


Extend Savings with a Structured Settlement

Additional tangible savings can be achieved when an ArmorMSA is funded with a structured settlement, which reduces the cost to fund the MSA. When professionally administered, a steady stream of payments are deposited within a customized timeframe directly into the MSA account, further protecting and extending the life of the MSA.


*based on current, average Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approval turnaround times

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