Conditional Payments & Lien Resolution

Diligent Advocacy Coupled with Comprehensive Solutions

We provide a comprehensive solution by identifying the payments Medicare has made, handling all negotiations with Medicare’s contractor, and aggressively pursuing the best resolution scenario for each case.

One of the most often-overlooked challenges associated with conditional payments is reducing future exposure. For this reason, our Conditional Payment and Lien Resolution team not only identifies and addresses all existing current conditional payments, but also makes recommendations to ensure that a primary payer’s future exposure is reduced.


Conditional Payment Services

We advocate on our clients’ behalf to comprehensively address the complex Medicare Conditional Payment Recovery Process. We begin first by identifying the payments Medicare has made, handling all negotiations and aggressively pursue the best resolution for each case scenario.

Lien Resolution Services

MEDVAL advocates on your behalf to make sure you can settle your claim through an expedited lien resolution process using our comprehensive, streamlined approach that allows you to mitigate and reduce your costs.


QueryGuard takes data available via the Section 111 query process and uses it to notify the Medicare Part C and D plans of the existence of a primary payer for a related workers’ compensation, liability, or no-fault claim.

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