MEDVAL is pleased to announce its new Post-Settlement Administration Services offered through MEDVAL Rx. These services are available to individuals who have funds in a Medicare-Set-Aside (MSA) account to pay for future prescription expenses.  MEDVAL Rx historically limited these services to MSAs that were professionally administered, but all self-administered MSA accounts, regardless of which vendor completed the MSA are now eligible for the deep discounts available through MEDVAL Rx.  The MEDVAL Rx program was designed to satisfy Medicare compliance obligations post-settlement, with the lasting effect of extending the life of the MSA – adding an extra layer of protection for all settling parties.

MEDVAL Rx is a free service, with absolutely no costs to the injured worker or carrier, providing medication discounts ranging from 10-55%, and is accepted across the country at over 76,000 pharmacies.  The service tracks all medications and costs which simplifies the MSA annual accounting report process. Enrollment is simple and can be completed via phone, email, or on MEDVAL’s website. After enrollment is complete, participants will receive a MEDVAL Rx card to provide to their preferred pharmacy and all billing is directed to and handled by MEDVAL Rx. 

The MEDVAL Rx experience is streamlined and simple, allowing all parties to resolve with confidence.

Learn More About MEDVAL Rx for Self-Administered MSAs:

For more information, please reach out to our team at 888-365-6242 or via email at [email protected].